Historical Account of the Rat Pack

Historical Account of the Rat Pack

Hipsville would like to introduce you to the Rat Pack stars from the past ....
Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jnr, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop & Dean Martin ....

The Rat Pack Gang - Who Were they

The Rat Pack Gang - Who Were they

Only the hippest, coolest bunch of cats on either coast. The group originally sprung up around Humphrey Bogart, who's wife Lauren Bacall first named them. Seeing Bogie, Frank and a few of their cronies come straggling in from a night of carousing, Lauren exclaimed "You look like a goddamned rat pack!" The name stuck. Read the Full Rat Pack story

Rat Pack biographies, photos and more

Rat Pack biographies, photos and more

Introducing the Rat Pack stars from the past ....
Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jnr, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop & Dean Martin.

Dictionary of The Rat Pack Rat Pack Photo Gallery Frank Sinatra Tribute

Frank Sinatra Tribute

Just about everything has already been said about the one and only Frank Sinatra. You can check out all the statistics on our Frank Sinatra biography page.

If anything you are looking for is not there then go to our links page and take a look at our recommended sites where you are almost sure to find it.

Singers come and go but perhaps only Elvis can claim to be a musical icon of such similar immeasurable stature. Someone whose influence and immense popularity spanned decades, changed peoples lives and will continue to do so indefinitely.

Frank Sinatra Photo Gallery Frank Sinatra Biography Frank Sinatra Songs, Film & Television Appearances Dean Martin Tribute

Dean Martin Tribute

Whilst Dean Martin will probably always be remembered foremost for his outstanding looks and laid back cool - as a vocal scholar I beg to differ.

No one in popular music can hit the bottom notes like Dean Martin - yes no one not even Frank or anyone else for that matter can make those bottom notes ring the way his deep baritone voice does with such ease.

This important fact seems to have been given little credit in many of the articles available paying tribute to the great man.

Dean Martin Photo Gallery Dean Martin Biography Sammy Davis Jnr Biography

Sammy Davis Jnr Biography

Recognized throughout much of his career as "the world's greatest living entertainer," Sammy Davis, Jr. was a remarkably popular and versatile performer equally adept at acting, singing, dancing and impersonations - in short, a variety artist in the classic tradition.

A member of the famed Rat Pack, he was among the very first African-American talents to find favor with audiences on both sides of the color barrier, and remains a perennial icon of cool.

Sammy Davis Jnr Photo Gallery Peter Lawford Biography

Peter Lawford Biography

Peter Lawford was born Peter Sidney Ernest Aylen Lawford on September 7, 1923, in London, England, UK. He passed away on Christmas Eve, 1984, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Peter started is film career back in 1930 with an uncredited appearance in "Poor Old Bill". He was in a total of 88 movies, in sixteen of which he was not even credited.

Peter Lawford Photo Gallery Joey Bishop Biography

Joey Bishop Biography

Comedian and Actor
Born Joesph Abraham Gottlieb, on February 3, 1918, in the Bronx, New York.

Bishop grew up in South Philadelphia. After high school, he enjoyed a modest career as a stand-up comic prior to serving in the Army in World War II. In 1941 Bishop married Sylvia Ruzga. They have one son, Larry.

Joey Bishop Photo Gallery Skinny D'Amato Atlantic City Newsletter, March 2000 by Archie Black Bobby Darin Tribute

Bobby Darin Tribute

As well as paying tribute to all the Rat Pack members, we also like to try and give credit to other great artists
of that same halcyon era who are within the same vein. Here is an article on another great Las Vegas performer who brought us so much pleasure and of course cool.


Historical Account of the Rat Pack

Rat Pack Archive

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